Elder Gabriel's edifications

Enlightened by divine grace Father Gabriel never wrote down his teachings. His words were etched in the heart and mind of his spiritual children. In his labors he was sparing neither his physical, mental, nor spiritual powers. Who knows how many persons were led toward the path of light, how many of them were saved from being fallen into the abyss of vanity. Spiritual children to show their gratefulness and reverence toward their beloved Elder in their reminiscences retell of the kindness implanted into their hearts by their wise edifier. Out of the reminiscences the pearls were chosen that represent “Elder Gabriel’s short homilies”. These teachings are eternal; they are guiding us today as well. Let’s share the treasure left by the Elder with those whose hearts are able to perceive the truth.

Seas dry up, mountains collapse, but the glory of Christ remains for ever.

Death is transfiguration. Don’t be afraid of death; rather be afraid of the Judgment Day. When you go in for examinations before your professor, your heart starts palpitating; imagine how you will feel before the Creator. Greatness of GOD is incomparable.

Your soul belongs to the One Who bestowed it to you.

Try to strive for God constantly. Having seen your aspiration, the Lord will grant you all that is necessary.

It is not God who abandons a man, but a man abandons God. Hell is an estrangement from God.

God is an infinite Love, Goodness and Justice. Who loves goodness and justice, he loves God and he is loved by God as his own child.

Conscience is a small God. Before going to bed, render a short account to yourself: how you spent the day, what you did, when you sinned, what should have been done. Be demanding towards yourself.

Idle talk is offensive for God. Kind deeds mean love for the neighbor.

Love dominates all rules and laws.

You can not inherit love without self-sacrifice. God does not like vain words. God loves deeds. Good deeds are love.

Denounce a man with love.

Through inner suffering one must attain faith and gain love.

Live in such a way that you are loved not only by God, but also by people. There is nothing greater than that.

One ought to have a greater hunger for love than for food, and a greater thirst for love than for wine.

We are witnessing the End Days. You will see the Antichrist. The Lord our God will demand love for God and the neighbor; whoever holds out to the end will be saved.

A humbled man is protected from temptations. No one can enter the Kingdom of God without humbleness.

We have to repent with our hearts rather then shed tears.

God’s wrath is on women who had an abortion. Repent and pray constantly so that God may forgive your sin of slaughtering your own children.

Never lose hope for God’s Providence.

The spirit comprises three faculties: rational, emotional and volitional. Rational is in man’s mind. Emotional is in his heart, Volitional is in his body.

During the Antichrist times, the strongest temptation will be anticipation of salvation from the cosmos, from humanoids, extraterrestrials that are actually the demons. One should rarely look up at the sky, as the signs might be deceptive and thus one may be ruined.

The half of the Hell is already on the Earth. Antichrist was already born and he is at the door. Antichrist is not knocking at the door, rather he is breaking in. You will witness his reign. His seal will be made visibly on the forehead and arm.

The Antichrist will not be enthroned in Georgia and the persecutions here will be considerably less severe. Woe to those who will try to interpret the Holy Testament in their own way. Later, the Antichrist followers will also attend church services; make sign of the cross and preach Holy Testament. True believers will be recognized by the good deeds.

Satan has spread 666 traps. His seal will be made not only invisibly but also visibly, on the forehead and arm. If the seal impression is made by force, in God’s sight it will be considered like virgin disgraced. The hardest trial for Christians will be their relatives who accepted the seal. The seal won’t effect if made against someone’s will. But imagine the trap set by the antichrist for a mother having left with five children. How to feed them if not accept the seal?

At first, the seal will be offered to volunteers. However, within the enthronement of Antichrist everyone will be forced to accept the seal. Disobedience will be claimed a treachery. People will flee to the forests. Precautions should be taken to move in groups of about ten-fifteen, as the demons might try to nudge single people from the cliffs. The believers will be protected by the Holy Spirit. Whatever happens, never lose your hope. Help each other. God will clear your mind and you will know how to react. The one who endures will be saved. No true believer will feel either hunger, or thirst. The believers won’t wither in the time of disasters. The Lord will work miracles for them. One leaf of a plant will be enough food for a month. Even the lump of the earth will be changed into the bread by making a sign of the cross over it.

Love each other. Georgia will be saved by love. We are witnessing the End Days. You will see the Antichrist. The Lord our God will demand love for God and the neighbor; whoever holds out to the end will be saved.

Georgia will be enlightened in the End Days; this will be revealed not materially but spiritually. Believers from many countries will gather in Georgia. The wicked deeds started by communists are only a prologue. The worst is ahead. The world has never witnessed such a sorrow from the time immemorial. Georgia will be protected by the Holy Virgin as Iveria is the country chosen by the Holy Mother of God as Her lot. The fight between the prophets Elijah and Enoch against Antichrist will be shown on TV. The leaving of the Holy Mountain by the icon of the Holy Virgin of Iveron will be followed by the bell ringing. The churches will bow down to commemorate the farewell. This also will be shown on TV, so that the whole world could see that and those, who want to save their souls could come to Georgia.

Georgia will resurrect like Lazarus through many hardships and sufferings, but not until the restoration of monarchy. Salvation will come when you say “This is the end”.

A true faith finds its place in the man’s heart, not in his mind. Antichrist will be disclosed by the believers having their faith in their hearts; those with their faith in their mind follow him.

Devoted love for man made St. Shio of Mgvime retreat to a cave.

Egoism is opposed to love. Egoist never gives anything out but wants everything for himself. All the riches of the world could never be enough for an egoist.

When having meals, remember those, who are in need, hungry, thirsty, suffering – this way you learn how to receive a Divine Grace.

Humbleness will tame even the fiercest lion.

Faith and love are perceived through sufferings.

To feed doves and other birds is a kind deed.

The eye is a mirror of your soul. Should it be against your soul’s will, you would never look at anything wrong.

We have to repent with our hearts rather then shed tears.

Ecumenism is a super heresy.

Christ didn’t walk on the roads laid with carpets. He was simple; hypocrisy and pomposity were repulsive for Him. Christ wore only one tunic knitted by the Holy Mother of God.

Have you sinned? Repent immediately.

Do not use the name of the Lord your God in vain. If you do it you break the third commandment.

Georgia is a country chosen by the most Holy Mother of God as Her lot. Do not abandon your motherland during the hard times. Do not offend Her.

If you have everything else, but love, you have nothing.

If you hate even a single person - you are disgusting before GOD.

Love your enemies – it’s clear. But how to love enemies of Christ? Stop hating and then you will be able to love them.

How to love the evil man? Hate the evil, but love those who do evil. Who knows maybe one day they will repent their sins by the powers of prayer, tears and confession and become like an angel. Everything is God's Will.

Love everyone; if you can’t, at least show a goodwill.

Before God I will present your love, which I acquired by my own blood.

In the Last Days a man will be saved by love, humility and kindness. Kindness will open the gates of heaven; humility will lead one into heaven; a man whose heart is filled with love will see God. This is my last will and testament: raise your prayers for everyone; your prayers will move the mountains. Love each other.